Where Faith and Knowledge Meet

St. Sylvester Central School has 84 students enrolled in Grade K through Grade 8 as of October 31, 2020

Mission Statement

St. Sylvester Central is committed to providing a strong Catholic and academic education in a safe, Christian environment for all students. Our foundation is based upon the teachings of Christ and of the Catholic Church. We promote a three-fold purpose of Catholic education partnered with families and the Church by instilling the tradition of faith and Christian values, by promoting service to local and global communities, and by achieving academic excellence.


April 1-Holy Thursday-NO SCHOOL

April 2-Good Friday-NO SCHOOL


April 6-School Resumes

April 14-Kindergarten Screening (This year's kindergarteners no school)

April 19-April 23-IOWA Testing

April 25-Spring Carnival Dinner (Barbecue Chicken-Carry Out Only)

April 26-Interims Go Home-Fourth grading period

Spring Fling Winners

1st-Mary Holubeck sold by Colton and Mason Blackstone 2nd-Jani Wheeler sold by Ethan and Emma Wheeler

3rd-Patrick Craig sold by Brindley Brown 4th-Dennis Clift sold by Garrett Knowlton

5th-Jaya Potts sold by Brodegard family 6th-Joey Lang sold by Sydney Lang

7th-Hollie Elliott sold by Emma Amos 8th-Diane Marty sold by Zayne Rosnick

9th-Lori Grant sold by Cole family · 10th-Ashley Masters sold by Lane Shelton

11th-Madison McLaughlin sold by Gabriella Habig 12th-Cheyenne Westmoreland sold by Kinsley Knowlton

13th-Zac Potts sold Emma Amos 14th-Betty Edgington sold by Tammy Jones

15th-Becky Baldwin sold by Piper and Caylin Calder 16th-Jamie Hill sold by Karter Yontz

17th-Tina Hogue sold by Hank Hogue 18th-Sharon Yoss sold by Caylin Calder

3/19-Morgen Ramage sold by Jillian & Greyson Brown 20th-Andrea Hall sold by Blake Yontz

21st-Debi Klempa sold by Trey Jeffers 22nd-Tiffany Woodell sold by Nylie Woodell

23rd-Nancy Miller sold by Wesley Miller 24th-Lydia Brodegard free ticket

25th-Ashlie Vaness sold by Piper Arden & Caylin Calder 26th-Judy Thomas sold by Judy Thomas

27th-Jeremy Merkle sold by Zachary Babcock 28th-Sheena Miller sold by Wesley Miller

29th-Kathy Beaver by McKenna Beaver



Kindergarten-Jade Pirl First Grade-Reid McGuire

Second Grade-McKenna Beaver Third Grade-Jillian Brown

Fourth Grade-Kaylin Eastham Fifth Grade-Makayla Parden

Sixth Grade-Remy Peters Seventh/Eighth-Caylin Calder

Honor Roll-3rd Nine Weeks

5th Grade

Principal's List

Makayla Parden

High Honor Roll

Jaren Friday

6th Grade

Principal's List

Wesley Miller

High Honor Roll

Luke Barnhardt

Max Demchak

Remy Peters

Zayne Rosnick

Honor Roll

Jesse Dean

7th Grade

Principal's List

Caylin Calder

High Honor Roll

Lainey Peters

Blake Yontz

Zachary Babcock

Contact Us

Robyn Guiler, Principal Father Timothy Davison, Pastoral Administrator

119 Wayne Street 334 South Main Street

Woodsfield, OH 43793 Woodsfield, OH 43793

Phone-740-472-0321 Phone-740-472-0187